My school concert

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Hello everyone. Let me tell you more about my concert. Click on this link below.




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Something to share with you about Netiquette. Click on this link provided Netiquette to know the rules on Netiquette.  🙂

My school trip

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I went to the botanical garden in Putrajaya during my school trip. It was a hot day and we got to see many types of trees and plants.

Click on this link Putrajaya.

The leopard

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This animal is as fast as a lightning. But it is not the fastest animal on earth.It normally eats meat.It is also very clever.It has spots on its body.leopard

Literary day

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Hello everyone..welcome to my post…i want to share something about my literary day.

click on this link literary-day-esther                                      to view my post..


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Hello everyone! I want to share something with you about Smileys. Here are some examples. 😛 🙂 8)


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Welcome to this post.I would like to share some interesting features about this mammal.